A Letter to My Future Wife


To the love of my life.

My life journey has brought me to you. All of the heart breaks & disappointments, were preparing me for you. All of the chasing what I thought was love, all of the pretending to have it all together thinking that would give me a chance at love was preparing me for you. All of the sacrifices I felt I had to make to be worthy of love was preparing me for you. All of the blaming my situation and circumstance as the reason I couldn't have love was preparing me for you. You see I have realized that I am cause and what shows up in my world is the effect, so through all of the above I was being shown what I felt about myself. Life was reflecting back to me the low value I placed on myself. I was being shown what I needed to address and heal.

So I started doing my work by taking responsibility and ownership. I started facing the illusions and misconceptions I held about myself and a healing started to unfold. I started to become aware of who I am. A confident and disciplined man started to emerge, and then you came into my life. A reflection of my true self. An absolutely breathtaking vision of beauty, love and loveliness. A gentle and kind spirit that is not afraid to be open, not afraid to be loved and not afraid to love with her whole heart. I was being prepared for you. 

My vision was being cleared so I would be able to recognize the beauty and loveliness you bring. To honoring and treasuring you, to love you and hold you, to let it be known through words and actions how happy I am to be able to share the rest of my life with you. My journey was preparing me to be strong enough to know that I deserve you, bold enough to open my heart and be vulnerable with you, confident enough to fully stand in who I am and let you be free to be who you are. To love you unconditionally.

My life journey has brought me to you and I am writing you this letter to let you know that I love and appreciate you.

 This letter is to my future wife.



A Confident and disciplined man