Wear Cute Shoes

Most people think as a fashion stylist and designer, my life is filled with glamorous appointments and events with clients dressed in the latest fashions straight off the runways of Milan and Paris.  People believe in order to afford the cost of a fashion stylist, they have to be a millionaire or celebrity.  These thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.  The truth is, as a fashion stylist I create an image based on three things: enhancing your figure, working with your personal best budget, and finding clothing that truly expresses your personality. 

In full disclosure, my job is AMAZING!  Yes, I get to work with beautiful people every single day!  More importantly, I get an opportunity to help people make peace with their personal pain and see the truth of who they really are.  I know, this concept sounds strange at first but hear me out, our clothing tell the unspoken story of our life. 

When I meet a new client, the first thing I do is edit and organize their closet.  A person’s closet is probably one of the most intimate places in our home.  This often overlooked space, catalogs the highs and the lows of a person’s life.  For instance, if I walk into a closet and clothes are literally pushing me out the door, this is a clear indication that something else is going on.    This may be impulse buying, emotional shopping, or hoarding.  My primary job is to help clear out the clutter and help simplify the art of getting dressed.  My secondary job is to assist in breaking down the stories/lies we tell ourselves to hide our truth.

In most cases when a client calls me to start work a major shift has occurred in their life.  This shift could be the death of a loved one, a divorce, a promotion, a milestone birthday or a host of other life changing events.  There is a general spirit of restlessness that creates the need to change.  I help guide that shift.  I help clients gently peel back that outer protective layers to really walk and live freely in their own skin.

The true joy of fashion is that you can transform and create a statement that leaves a lasting impression on every one who crosses your path.  Don’t let cost be a barrier, ask a close friend to support your fashion goals as you begin to shift your style and wardrobe.  Be conscious of your thoughts and remember, this is fashion not rocket science, don’t take yourself too seriously and wear cute shoes!

Travis Cal is a fashion stylist and event planner based in Houston, Texas.  For more information about his services, please email travis.cal@hotmail.com.