Out in Love

There was a time, I lived in a closet. I was a prisoner to the judgments I had about myself. I projected them onto others, fearing the judgements I thought people think about me. Once I became aware that my thoughts create my reality, I started my journey to love and self-acceptance. By consciously choosing to love and accept myself completely, I create a world of love and acceptance all around me.  Now, I have set myself free. Free to be the me I was divinely created to be. Love and acceptance is a gift within my holiness that blesses me and the world.

Out in Love

Am I living a reality,
or is it just a play in my mind?
I make up the script,
word by word, line by line.
The thoughts in my mind
create the feelings I feel,
direct the plays I act.

I live in a mental closet,
and it’s dark as hell, pitch black.
I try to make my way to the door,
but realize I’m handcuffed to the rack.
A prisoner to my limiting thoughts,
my ego guards my cell block, in fact.

There I hang, there I hide,
Behind the garments of politeness and pride,
I am confined
by the fear, judgment, shame and lies


Divine Mind reminds me,
I own the master set of keys.
The only set that will set me free,
so I begin to see,
the Light.

It’s bursting through the crack of the doors.
“come out, come out wherever you are”
I hear above the noise.

I come out.
Badu says Out of My Mind, Just in Time.
So like Bob, I free myself from Mental Slavery.
I come out of my own mental penitentiary,
and I walk this new world with bravery.

Lauren says I Get Out.
I get out of labels and boxes.
God shows me freedom from my self-imposed bondage.
He says I shall know the truth, and the truth shall set me free.
This is the only heaven in my mind where I desire to be.

Paul says “be me transformed by the renewing of my mind,” Rom.
I breathe this in, and I know exactly what to do.
I come out, step out, get out of the ego mind,
I come out of the judge, juror and prisoner mind
and I surrender to Divine Mind, just in time.

I am no longer in your mind,
‘cause what you think about me,
it’s really none of my business.
I focus on my being sent here to fulfill my higher purpose.

I am a powerful and confident woman,
The present moment is now where I reside.
Present time has no clocks,
No longer are there wounds for me to hide.

So I surrender the fear, judgment, shame and lies,
and I awaken to the unconditional love flowing from inside,
Out of Divine, into my heart and mind.

I am love
Coming out of my own way to accept God’s love.
Are you coming?

Jada Queen is a poet, spoken word,and music artist.  A student in God's classroom called life.  Jada Queen will be cohosting a showcase titled "Out In Love".  The performance, a mix of music, art, and poetry,  will be held at Mt. Vernon Marketplace, 520 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 7pm-until.  Artwork installation titled "Eat, Pray, Shove" will be presented by Mo the ArtSci Maven.